The Beginning of the Journey


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The Beginning of The Journey

My name is Ethan Morrow, and I’m a writer & bread baker.

Deciding to bake bread felt like the stars of the universe aligning to support my wellbeing. For the first time in my recent memory, I made a decision for myself. I, Ethan Morrow, wanted to bake bread.

In January of 2019, I impulse bought a book about bread and began a bread-baking journey. At the time, this seemed like an insignificant engagement in a new hobby, but much like a sourdough starter, the impact of this decision grew over time. When I started engaging in bread baking, I was halfway through my clinical internship as a graduate student in Marriage and Family Therapy. My career was evolving before my eyes, and much of my time was spent either in books, in classes, or practicing supervised therapy. As my anxiety grew, my heart yearned for something more.


My First Loaf of Bread

From the moment I began the bread baking process, it enthralled me. I felt an unbelievable connection to the process, each moment in the kitchen being in a trance. As anxiety in my life grew, the act of baking bread—a true collaboration with elements of nature—is what kept me grounded. My gut told me to bake.

This internal gut feeling to bake bread never left, and the more that I engaged in this miraculous, mesmerizing process, the more I would be transformed. As I worked with bread dough, the dough also began to work with me. It shaped me. As the bread grew and transformed, I was also growing and transforming. It was clear that I wasn’t just baking: I was learning. As I would bake, lessons about life would be revealed. Baking transcended the material and took on a metaphorical level.

I started sharing my projects with others on social media, as well as the new meaning it had taken on. It quickly became clear that others were resonating with this. People would message me, either about my baking projects or my comments on the metaphors, wanting to know more. People shared the pictures of their own bread that they had made, having been inspired by my journey. In a world where people spend less and less time in the kitchen, I realized that the baking process—as well as the metaphors the process offers us—can be deeply rejuvenating.

The deeper I dive into bread baking, the more connections I am making between the bread process and life. The world of baking has much to teach us about living life, growing, changing, and transforming.

Morrow bread is about more than bread. Morrow bread is about my journey, and the metaphors and life lessons we can glean from the beauty that is baking. I invite you to join me in reconnecting with ourselves, one loaf at a time.

Welcome to Morrow Bread.

A sourdough loaf

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  1. Kc shomler says:

    This is incredibly inspiring! I can’t wait to read more.

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